SuperBall 3 App Reviews

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I'm soooooo happy!

Loooooooong time since last update! I'm sooooooooooo happy! It finally came! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Used to be...

Used to be the best game on the iPhone. Was a 6 on a 5 star scale. I keep it around hoping one day they'll update it. So fun and addicting!

This will be your go-to game!

Downloaded this as my first game yrs ago-Still one of my fav games.


This app hangs up after every single level! Please fix or give my money back!!! I love this game and would rather someone just update and fix it!!!!!!! Help!!!!!! Thank you!!

Not iOS8 compliant

When it does load, app locks up without fail after completing a level. Deleted after 2 levels. Don't waste your money until (if?) the programmer decides to update it instead of sitting back. just collecting the profits.

Broken in iOS 8.1

Once you play a level , then the app hangs and you can't play anymore levels.

Needs to be updated for ios8

Great game. It just needs to be updated for ios 8. It keeps freezing every time after I finish a level.

Doesn't work properly on iOS 7

When I have had iPhone 3G it was my favorite, but now it's doesn't work. You should think about SuperBall 4!

would be great

if it worked. There are too many glitches to type. Maybe it just needs to be optimized for iOS 7 or something. Anyway, I used to love this game. Please fix.


You need to update for ISO 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on my friends want to play this game and can't because you don't update! I want to play! Update!!!!!


This app has not worked since the iOS 7 update, and doesn’t work with the iPhone 5S. It won’t go to the next level once a level is cleared of bricks, the ball continues to bounce around. This used to be a fun app, but it is severely in dire need of an update to address issues and compatibility.

Needs an iPhone 5 update

Needs an iPhone 5 update. However it's a great app and really fun!


Updates soon this is the only thing that makes 8 hours of work fun. I need entertainment at work please update it

Needs update!

I use to play this game all the time! Now I can't play it without it crashing on me. I can't believe it hasn't been updated in a long time. Please update it! It really is a fun and addicting game.

Fix it!!

Sick of getting 3/4 of a way through a level and then looking at my home screen!!

Good game

Like it just not retina support.

Need update

Great game, but in big need of a update.

DO NOT BUY - No support or updates

Do not purchase this game. There have been no updates for over 2 years now. The developer is still around and willing to take your money if you buy the new HD iPad version he just released. However, if you have this iPhone version, you are out of luck. There at just too many more worthy games out there with developers willing to put in the hard work of updating their games long after you have purchased them, reward them with your money instead. It used to be a pretty good game but no retina support etc. It is bot a good value anymore.

No support. Needs updates

Game needs an update. It's been almost 2 years. Is there no support for this great breakout game? To the developer- The game doesn't flow like it used to. It also crashes. It needs retina display support. Please update. I miss playing it

Better than the rest

Great breakout app. Far better than the others with lots of cool powerups. The ball doesn't get all crazy fast and touch control is fairly sensitive. The only things I don't like are the slow and fast ball powerups don't seem to work and it is kind of hard to predict where the ball is going to travel after you hit it. Otherwise a great game, worth the small fee.

One of the best apps yet

Needs Retina Support badly. Superball is just as good as tap tap plus to beat all the levels will take a while to beat which means lodes of fun. Though it would be cool to make your own levels

Fun but...

Crashes all the time. Nothing more frustrating. Needs an update to fox this!


Update! Evolve this ancient trash into something compatible!

Good game

Addicting! But retina display support?

Good game

The game is overall great, however, the game crashes frequently. Please update to fix the bug!

Good but...

Crashes like crazy.

Great App

Great brick breaker app. I've had the "lite" version for over a year and finally stepped up to the paid version. I am, however surprised that apple approved the app when one of the games blue brick texture looks like it was sampled directly from an OSX wallpaper. Copyright infringement?!? Doesn't matter...good game!


-This is a great game but the developers have gotten really really really lazy. I can't think of when the last update was out. I hate the tiny blocks and I'm getting tired of the same colors over and over again. -Can't you add some more colors? Pink, Black, Tan, Brown, Silver, or rainbow for random colors? -The default backgrounds are boring... Can we have the ability to add our own pictures? -I would love to see a rotating dial for rotating the block/triangle. It's a little hard to see what you are doing if you have large hands.... -Also the Copy Block option makes no sense if you have to copy block after block after block. -The other thing about the pinch and squeeze to resize and rotate. is you have to be careful on what block you select to rotate/resize. it gets hard to see. -It would me cool to add more shapes like ovals, Biger triangles, Triangles facing up and down instead of the angled ones in the corner. -The ability to escew the piesces meaning stretch the square, circle, Triangle etc -I was also thing of Letters, Numbers, Smiliey faces, emogi icon style blocks. - 3-d shapes. where you have to crash each side of the 3D block,

Excellent, but I want new levels

High recommendation - clearly worth purchasing. I play this game a lot. I've run out of levels, and I'm too lazy to create my own! Can you guys whip up a few hundred more and update the app? :-)

Still the Best!

I've had this game nearly since I recieved my iTouch (last October!) and I can't believe I havn't rated it yet! Many apps have gotten old by now, like I've gotten a little bored with them, but Superball 3 will always keep me company if I'm looking for something to do. I play it often, still, and it--is--awesome! It looks very, very... I don't know how to explain it, but clean, and polished comes to mind. I have created a lot of levels, my first ones complicated and boring, but my recent games creative and artistic. I have gone through a lot, and Superball is always there. I'm not saying it's beautifully amazing, I'm saying it's the best flippin' app evar! It can be easy or difficult, customized and created to your exact style of BrickBreaker. This app is a 5+ and will stay that way for a long time.


this game is really addicting, if you're not careful this game can start to take over your life...that may be what they intended all along!!!

Almost perfect

I absolutely love this game. The only trouble I'm having are frequent crashes on the Puzzle levels. I never had an issue on the 3G just on my 3GS. An update would be nice too! I am giving a 4/5 due to the bug but this is a great game.

Great game.

Hours of fun

Best brickbreaking game available

Easily the best brick breaking game available. Momentum is much more difficult and keeps the game fun because it's never the same. This is one of the best games you can buy.

Coolest game of the centry!

This game is awsome I've love it Ben gross


I am addicted to this game!


The very best. If you like this type of game it's a must have. Hours and hours of fun

The best but....

Definitely the best brick breaker game on the iPhone. However, on some levels it lags a lot for me. As in the ball movement is very choppy, and I'm on the 3GS. Please fix this because it's really become annoying and I hate fit such a good game to be ruined because of choppy gameplay

Brickbreaker at it's best.

Of the many iPhone brickbreaker games, this one is easily the best.

Play it all the time

I love this game. Probably the most played app on my iPhone. Very addicting, that little bouncy ball is! Plus I love the sound effects. Well done.

Great game!

Best arcade-style game ever! Me and my cousin are always making levels!

Great game


No Glitches

This is an awesome game. The people that say it has glitches are mistaken. That is part of the game. When you get a chaos ball the ball does all sorts of weird stuff and when you lift your dinger off the screen it pauses the game. Just get it and you'll be happy.


I loved the game back when it was super pong. This has come so far to super ball3. Now, it's truly an exceptional game.

Fix the glitches

Game is great but the glitches are driving me nuts. It'll freeze and then the ball will jump across the screen.

Almost perfect

I am getting a glitch when they hit the ?blocks. It doesn't fall. Also thinking there could be a cool thing that when you hit it, it changes the blocks to bricks or bricks to blocks. game is so worth the purchase

Must have!

One of the earliest games I purchased, have never even thought of deleting it.


somewhat good. theres bugs that are annoying but its great when im bored.



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